Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victoria came last night. Her train got in at 7:30. I picked her up and then we walked back to the house and watched movies. We went to school today but it was all rainy so we got wet cause we had to walk all the way to and back from school. Then we watched the breakfast club together after eating lunch and a little bit of hoodwinked. I had a deutsch lesson that she had to sit in on. More like the teacher made her participate in. haha. Then we just kept on with the movies and watched house bunny and then anchorman. Now we might watch step up 2 but since its kinda late then maybe not. we'll prob put it on and fall asleep. Tomorrow we have late school and then we'll go to oberhausen. Since we have thursday and friday off school I'm hoping to have a big sleepover tomorrow night also.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Victoria comes today. Alot later I think. like after 6:30. She said afternoon but she said she was going to a city with her friend. I'm wondering if she meant she was actually gonna look around in that city or her friend was only traveling that far with her and then she would go on. She'll be in that city at 3:30 and it takes 3 hours to get from there to here. So I hope she doesnt think she has time to visit around. We have early school tomorrow. And we have to walk so we gotta get up a bit earlier. Short school today though! only had three classes. No german class today either. not till tomorrow. My friends got back from london today. But I'm sure they're tired so no seeing them today.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

So yesterday I got up and ate and then got ready for this family event I had going on. It was the 25th wedding anniversary of my host uncle and aunt. Apparently this is a really big deal in germany. Because I didn't realize first off that I needed to dress up. But Maria and my host mom picked an outfit out for me real quick. I had to wear a dress and tights and my cardigan and my nice flats. It started at 4:30. I thought oh... we'll be done by say... 7 or so. Maybe 9 if it goes a little late. oh no. i was so incredibly wrong. First they had this big church service about it. Then everyone moved to this restaurant where we had the whole thing to ourselves in this big room. For a long time everyone just talked outside and drank champagne and beer and such. congratulated the couple and gave them gifts. not to mention that it was kinda raining on and off and it was quite chilly. So we finally went inside. We didn't start eating until at least 7. Then it was a several course meal with plenty of time in between each course. Then they had a slide show of old pictures and such. Then they had us all get up and they started moving the tables so that the band could play their music and everyone could dance. Drinking and dancing. which continued. and continued. and finally we were some of the first people to leave. wanna know what time? 3. 3 in the morning. I was exhausted. I wanted to go home way before then. My feet hurt and my mind was on overload. Maria wasn't happy about going home but I stopped caring at that point. Once I got home I crashed. I fell asleep before I hit the pillow I'm sure. Then I woke up this morning and couldnt get to sleep after ten o clock. I'm not happy. I wanted to sleep in desperately.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Alrighty so I have it all worked out with my school and my host fam. Victoria is staying with me for the week before adventure weekend. I'm not sure if she comes on monday or sunday though. Yay for the weekend!!! I can sleep lol. And since most of my friends are out of town it seems my weekend is gonna be fairly calm. Not much to do. I should start putting together my ending speech though. really. I have to give it in like 25 days or something. on the 21st of june. I think I'll start that today. It will be best to do it slowly over several days because there will be less mistakes and it will be better thought out that way I think. Maybe I'll just go through my pictures today so I can get an idea of the highlights of my speech so I can write an outline. I'm starting to crave the food and stuff of back home.. so I think my body knows the time is coming soon. its starting to revert back into its old ways. I seem to always be going into the kitchen and looking for something to eat but nothing looks appetizing and I can't figure out what I want. The weather has not been looking good. I was soaked this morning driving my bike to school in the rain. And it wasn't warm rain either. Isn't it supposed to be summer? cause it looks and feels strangely like the very beginning of spring.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oberhausen was fun. We were only there a couple hours to get a belt for tif and get her computer fixed. Just had to drop it off at the mac store and talk to the guy about the problem of course. Then I came home and a friend of mine came over for like two hours. I wish they would have stayed longer though :(. Then I went to bed early. Today was school and then I picked up the duffle bag for the flight home. After that I've pretty much been chillin in my room all day. NOt much else to do. Dominik might come hang out with me later, but I'm not sure. MOst of my friends are in London until Monday. :/ school kinda sucks with out them. NOt that it was ever my favorite thing in the world... but yous get it. And... tomorrow is.. friday friday gotta get down on friday... the day before is thursday.... after that is saturday. partyin partyin ya! partyin partyin ya! Rebecca Black.... singing the song.. Friday. look it up if you havent heard it yet. it gets the award for worst song of the year. then glee did it in an episode. it sounded good... but it will never be good. the lyrics are just too dumb. please look it up. it really is entertaining and great for inside jokes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tomorrow I have no school because the upper class is graduating. So I'm gonna get up early still and meet Tif in Oberhausen. She want to buy a belt an drop her computer at the mac store. Then I'll come back in the afternoon and hang with friends. Most of them are leaving on thursday for london and wont be back until monday so I have to hang out with them while I can. Today I went to school and picked out the duffle bag I'm gonna buy in my free period. My new hair reminds me of a small furry animal but im not sure exactly what it is yet... perhaps a squirrel?

Monday, May 23, 2011

So I don't REALLY have anything to say today. I went to school, but when I went to chemistry class... no one was there. I couldn't figure out why except my class must be cancelled. but it wasnt on the cancelled classes board. Once I was in my next class, physics, i realized... uh oh... the chemistry class wasnt there because... i had english. not chemistry. oops. I had my deutsch lesson today. and died a streak of blonde in my hair because i had two other friends who did the same thing and we decided to just do it together. It's more red than blonde though. i guess it looks like a really dark strawberry blonde so its not too bad. Then I went through all of my stuff and threw the stuff away I wasnt gonna bring back with me and i didnt need. I weeded out the old clothes and trash and school papers... everything. it was sad to do. but it needed to be done. hopefully now all my stuff will fit in the other suitcase and the duffle bag im buying. plus my two carry ons. i know that seems like alot, but when you go on exchange... this is my life for a year im packing up. you collect alot of stuff. at least triple what you came here with. But I weeded out a TON of clothes that I never wore or I wore out too much. And all the junk stuff that wasnt worth keeping as a souvenoir. So now its a count down.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good weekend. Jehna was over and it was great seeing her again. We went to anna's on friday but it was just a few of us and everyone was asleep pretty early. We went shopping in oberhausen and such. Overall pretty good, I'm just abnormally tired today. totally weird.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I ended up loading pics to facebook yesterday, watching movies, and then having a different friend over haha. Today I also don't have anything to do. So I think I will take a nap maybe? I've considered going out to see a movie. I'm not sure. Maybe I'll watch more movies or something. my life is boring this week! I'm just counting down to the weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well I was supposed to have a friend over today but they cancelled :(. But this weekend is the big one! I'm sooo excited! 7:30 on friday it starts. I'll pick up Tif and Jehna at the bahnhof. yay!!!!! I only had three classes today so not much else to do. guess its gonna be another day of uploading pics to facebook ahah

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alrighty! I'm back. I didn't really get on the computer while kaykay was here. Everything went well I think. Smoothly definitely and it was really really nice to see some fam. Jehna is coming to my house this weekend! my aussie friend from euro tour. me and her and tif will have a whole weekend sleepover. its gonna be awesome!! And tomorrow is my sleeping in day so yay!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I finally got a good nights sleep last night. I went to bed at a reasonable time and got up at 8:30 for school because it was my sleep in day. I actually dreamed alot and I haven't done that much lately either. The past few nights I've just been laying in bed all night and not really sleeping until 5 o clock. Then sleeping until 6:30. I'm not sure why I was having these troubles. Now tonight I need to go to bed quite early because I have to catch the bus in the morning at 6:30. Which means to be early to the bahnhof and walk there so I don't mess up my hair on the bike... I need to leave my house at 6:05. Fun stuff right? And David better not be late.... if he isn't there 10 minutes early like we planned or at least five so we dont miss the bus, bad things will happen. To him, and the situation will be bad. If he is a bit late for our meeting time then ok, but late for the bus can not happen lol. Very full day tomorrow! Kay kay get ready for germany!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So during tutor group today we were talking about Anne Frank and the museum in Amsterdam. I expressed a very large interest in seeing it. Unfortunately the class trip we could hitch a ride on leaves in July. Of course I'll already be at home. The others could go but it kinda defeated the purpose when it was me originally who wanted it. So Herr Rose came up with this. MAYBE, he still needs to figure out how much it would cost and the particulars, we can go, just us exchangies at my school together one weekend. And we would do a bit more too. We could leave on friday and go to Amsterdam. Then catch a ship and stay the night on it and Spend a day in New Castle, England!!! Then again on the ship or a hotel and back to Amsterdam for the final day where we can spend all day in Amsterdam and seeing the Anne Frank house and whatever else we want to see there. I'm so excited I really hope it works out. All my friends are going to London all together for like 5 days in the end of May and I'm not because it was way too late notice for me. They decided for sure they wanted to go and tried planning it a few days before tour. It wasn't completely planned or even permissed for them to go until after euro tour. And they moved the date now twice. Each time a week later. So I didn't jump aboard that boat. So I'm very excited because this gives me a chance to see England! Not london... but at least England. Thats about it for exciting news for today. just the day after tomorrow until I get to see FAMILY!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stayed home sick today. My throat was hurting and my head and I was sooo sleepy. I didn't feel super sick or anything, but I wanted to stay home and make sure I didn't get more sick by going about my daily activities. I thought it would be better to rest so I'm not sick when Kay kay comes. Speaking of, I FINALLY bought the train tickets today. It took forever to figure it out but I got it and now we dont have to be stressed about getting there early to buy the tickets and still making the train. But I'm a bit worried cause some of the train changes are very close together. I think one we only have four minutes to get to the next train. I think its just the next one over though so it should be ok. The weather today is hot! And It seems like its gonna stay that way for awhile. yay for shorts and tshirt weather! there were even a few tank tops goin around.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's day!! I'm waiting for either one of mine to get on skype or get out of church currently. Today makes me miss home a bit... I'm also trying to upload more euro tour pics on to facebook but it wont let me approve them!! I use picasa cause its faster and facebook is messing it up :(. My goodness facebook! Get yourself together!! I wanna show everyone Budapest! lol

Saturday, May 7, 2011

So yesterday I wasn't sure what to do with myself cause it was friday and I had no plans. I decided in about two minutes that I should go to the Oberhausen mall. Then I decided that Alexandre had to come with me cause he was prob the best choice. So I called him up once I got home and we worked it out and I took the next train. He got on at his stop and we were off! Once in Oberhausen we ran into three other exchange students from our district. Taylyn (canada), Georgia (Australia), and Johanna (Finland). We ended up hanging out with them in the mall and they invited us to go bowling with them in Ddorf later. So we met up with alot of other exchangies in the ddorf bahnhof and went bowling. This included Tiffany. Then we slept over at Taylyn's house and left in the morning. Not Alexandre though. He slept at another Brazilian's house cause he was already supposed to be going to ddorf today to hang with them. Now I'm back home and I have no idea what I want to do. Theres a party but I don't particularly want to go... I guess I'll figure it out!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

alrighty so yesterday my day turned around from nothing to do to a whole lot haha. After school I got the call that Panda was definitely coming later. Then apparently a huge group of exchange students were all coming to borken that day. In short, I had about 12 or more exchangies all in my house all evening. We sat around and talked and drank box wine and ate pizza and danced and listened to music. I also spent all day today at school updating my diary from euro tour. Literally... all day. There was so much we did each day. My wrist was dying by the end. I'm still not done... and today all I had to write was the second half. The first half I actually wrote while on euro tour. So it took 8 class periods to write most of the second half of euro tour. each class period is 40-50 minutes. Isn't that crazy? Then I came home and ate. And then I decided to take a nap. I set my alarm for two hours later and went to sleep. I woke up four hours later with four missed calls and two texts and my alarm turned off... I have no idea how that happened.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oopsie! I made a mistake last time. I wrote Beebee was coming when i meant Vicki. Sorry guys! Today I stuffed myself with yummy rotary meeting food and dessert and had my deutsch lesson. I'm gonna miss a little school when the fam is here, but I talked to my teacher in charge and he said it was fine and told me what I had to do. Basically just type it up in a formalish proposal. Only really stating that I would like to miss school at this and this time on these days and why. And he'll sign it and then wahla!! Finished. You know whats LOADS of fun? Doing nominative, dative, accuisative, and genative in conjunctive sentences with a comma in German. Seriously... you should try it sometime. I had to think so hard in german that I was having a really hard time separating my german and english when spoken to in english. And english started sounding really funny today. If anyone spoke it, it was like I wanted them to say it quietly cause it sounded wrong. Like one of those things that you hear or see and you cant help but twitch a bit. oh well. So that was my day. And herr rose changed my schedule AGAIN. grr. But its not that different so its all good.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ok so I'm back. That really was THE BEST three weeks of my life. I miss it so much already, I just want to be back on tour with everyone. I miss the bad and the good parts of it. As someone put on facebook: we miss the 6:30 wake up calls every morning after a late night every night, being counted constantly, eating crappy breakfasts and cheap fast food all the time, spending hours upon hours on the bus, sleeping with anywhere from 4-12 people in one room, always getting yelled at to stay in groups of at least three, and hearing "Vamos! Rapido! Schneller!". But most of all we miss just being together and living as a group like one big family. Even the rotex miss being on tour. I've seen just about everything I've ever wanted to see in life and experienced what I could. Panda and I both agreed we can die happy now :D haha. I absolutely loved euro tour and have so many stories and memories from it that will last my entire lifetime. I have a feeling that for the rest of my life I will be craving being on tour with those same people again. We're all gonna be in our 90's and we're gonna get on facebook and try to set up a meeting so we can all hang out for an extended time again ;) :P. And now.... I have only two months left of my exchange. A few members of my family are coming to visit me in a week and a half :D including my grandma kaykay, two great aunts being beebee and aunt wanda, and my great uncle james. Today I have a german lesson and tomorrow I have a rotary meeting and a german lesson. It seems that things are starting to wind down this year... with only two months left I need to start preparing my end of the year speech to rotary and start going through my clothes and throwing away the old bad ones and replacing them with the new ones. Since I've worn jeans pretty much all year around this year so far they have gotten really worn out. So I'm going to have to throw away a few pairs of those and replace them before leaving. I'll also have to start going through all my papers from school and such and throwing away what I don't need to or want to keep. It's sad having to think about this again... but its time to start winding down my year. But I wont concentrate on leaving until I have to :D.