Monday, July 5, 2010


So if you are reading this blog then you probably know that my name is Taylor. I'm going to Germany on foreign exchange on August 24th, 2010. I'll be gone for a year or near that anyway. I'm going to a city in Germany called Borken. This city is near the big city of Dusseldorf and is literally 8 miles from the Netherlands. I've contacted my first host family a few times now. They seem really nice :). I'll have to ride a bus to school which will be a totally new experience cause it isn't a school bus like we have in the US. But then again the whole thing is a new experience right? I agreed to take German dance classes with my new host brother, Benjamin age 17. That should be interesting lol. I also got an email recently from them saying that they were planning a vacation to Crete in October and they were planning on my going! How exciting! Crete is so different, but sounds so pretty and amazing. The only thing that would keep me from going is if I have to change host families in that time. Hopefully not cause I wanna go! There is quite a few things I need to do and/or purchase before I leave. I finally seem to have my itunes converted to my brand new laptop. I also bought a new better camera during last christmas. Some other things I need to do are buy a large cd case, put all my dvds in it, and buy a converter for my electronics. I need one that converts the plug as well as the energy stuff. I would prefer one with more than one plug. I also need to buy another large suitcase since I only have one so far. Theres probably more that I just can't think of right at the moment. My birthday is coming up so I should have enough for all that I need to buy myself. I got a nook! Thank goodness cause I read quite a bit and now I can keep them all on a little electronic screen :). I've also downloaded skype so that I can see my family or select special friends. I need to download the microsoft word and stuff. I'm working on downloading powerpoint cause I'm gonna need that, but it's giving me issues. Well I'm sure there is much more to tell you, but for now I think I'm done. If you have any questions or know of something I've missed then just comment and ask and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability! Ta ta for now!