Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So tomorrow is my last day of school! I'm feeling good. Today was my last rotary meeting and my last german lesson. I had to make my speech today. I wasn't nervous... just anxious until about the time when it was time to make it. Then I got nervous. I just had to remind myself that its only talking. But they seemed to like it and I somehow made these old buisness men laugh quite a few times. I recieved many many compliments on a speech well done and when we traded flags in front of everyone afterward the speaker complimented my german and asked if i had had lessons before coming because it was so good. They gave me three flags. One for me, one for my club back at home, and one for the district back at home. They also gave me a book all about the NRW. (the state in germany that we live) And they signed it and left me a note inside. I got through my speech without any serious mishaps except that i had a powerpoint and in the middle of my speech it stopped responding and i had to start the program over. And my computer took awhile to start up. But they were patient with me and we all got through it. I think I was glowing with all the compliments they were giving me about my german. I was really nervous that the speech wouldnt be good or not what they were looking for but it was the right amount of time and they seemed to like it. Apparently I looked alot more confident than I was, and like I wasnt reading off the cards (which it felt like I was, but apparently it looked like I was just looking at them a few times for reference. I guess I did some good eye contact.) So ya. I have that huge thing off my chest. And with german lessons over and only one day of school left... I guess all there is to do at this point is hang out with friends, take pictures, pack, and party :D. But not too hard cause I don't wanna get the flu or something like a friend of mine had recently. I'm worried she was gonna get me sick cause i was just getting over my sickness when I was with her and she got super sick. So my ammune system wasnt what it normallly is. And she had to go to the hospital so I don't want that. I just wanna come home healthy and happy :)

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  1. Yes, we all really hope your 'amune' system is not affected :)

    Can't wait to see you again soon!