Sunday, June 19, 2011

So there was the party on Friday. More people came than I thought would. They just kinda came with their friends. It was awesome and everyone had a really good time. I cut my finger on a glass bottle though. not smart. Then most everyone slept for a couple hours and then we got up and ready in about 15 minutes. all 14 of us. some people even showered in that amount of time. amazing right? Then we left for district conference. We were there all day. But the last couple hours they took us to a movie theater and paid for us to watch a movie :D. it was awesome. Then I lost my bus home by two minutes. So I was going to have to wait two hours by myself in a strange city in a chair at the bahnhof. my friends completely saved me though. Panda, Al, and Gavin asked me what i was doing and I told them. They were completely surprised, asked why I didn't say anything, then said I had to go with them. So I did and we hung out pretty much all day. Then I took the train with them and went home. It was a goodish day. I wanted to go to the party with them after but i had to stop by home first and there werent any buses and trains there any more. So I slept. Then today is my host moms bday so we're going out to dinner.

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