Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally printed off my speech and cut it out and pasted it to notecards all in order so i dont get confused. Even double spaced and made it 14 size font cause i really dont wanna get lost. I'm really worried its not gonna be long enough though. Even after all this work and I have it all perfect. I'm probably just gonna have to comment on a few extra things that wont be written it. like explain a picture or tell a short story. So more people seem to be coming to my party :) hopefully it will be something around 20 people. not all staying the night of course. ok well im gonna go practice my speech in front of the mirror with the powerpoint presentation so i know how long it is and get it better flowing. Besides that I really dont have much to do today. Maybe I'll watch a movie or something. And shower def. i kinda need to even up my hair since i cut it myself the other day.

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