Saturday, June 25, 2011

So my last day of school was uneventful. My teacher was sick so I ended up having three lessons free in the beginning of my day. Then I had religion then my day was done. sad huh? so i didnt really see any of my friends from school to say goodbye. a few though. The problem was that the teacher that was sick was herr rose. And he had to give me my paper from the end of the year with all of my courses and report for the year. So I was really worried. But then he called that night and worked it out so he was supposed to come by the next morning to give it to me. I got up early so that I could meet him but he never showed up. I didnt have his number to call him so i had to text all of my friends to see if they did. Luckily one did and I finally got ahold of him the next day on friday. I was worried maybe he had come earlier than I got up but it turned out he literally never showed up. He said sorry and asked if I was at home then. I said I was and would be and so he came over a couple hours later and gave me the papers. Right before Tiff came over and we closed my bank account, then made tacos. We just hung out all day and then left for the party in bocholt. Then we took the first bus home afterwards. It was my last party here so I had to say goodbye to everyone. Of course we were all exhausted from the all nighter and no sleep and emotionally crazed because it was the last time we were all together. It was like 7 in the morning. I was crying pretty much the enitre time saying goodbye to everyone. I can't believe I probably wont see these people again. It seems so unreal to not see a person or a place again. Especially these people I'm so close to. The thought of living without them for the rest of my life is so bad. Then I came home and slept for about four hours with tif and lindsay. then we got up and got pizza. Then came back home, watched half a movie, ate the pizza, slept four more hours, got up, watched the rest of the movie, started another one, and ate ice cream. Just me and tif btw. lindsay left after we picked up the pizza. Now we're chillin and prob gonna go to sleep for the night pretty soon. last night together. Hopefully she can come to the airport on monday with me and my host mom and maria and david and hopfeully lindsay. Got everything packed pretty much. gotta check in for my flight tomorrow with the help of maria and google chat with mom. wow...

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