Sunday, June 26, 2011

So last day in germany. I might do maybe one more post once I get home to tell you that I'm safe and such, but otherwise this is probably the end. Theres not really a need to blog and this was supposed to just be about my year. I'm pretty proud that I even made it through the whole year blogging. Usually with diarys and such I get tired out and stop after awhile. But my diary and my blog made it through the whole year. Tiff left earlier. Hopefully she can make it to the airport tomorrow. I'd rather it wasnt goodbye. but we'll text all the time back in the usa. My plan for today: shower, get dressed, triple check packing and bag weight, run to atm for money to check my bags, ..... actually thats all. pretty sad for my last day in the country right? I'm sure theres more planned by my host family somewhere in there, but I don't know what. Dinner and eating is in there at some point. oh and sleeping. I'll sleep at night. hopefully. Then tomorrow I'll get up early and get ready. Gotta leave the house at nine. be at the airport at ten. Then my plane boards at 11:40 and takes off at 12:10. On the plane for 8 hours and have a layover in new jersey. then two more hours and then home in KANSAS for a night. I'll get there at 6:40. Not sure what the plan is from there.

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