Thursday, June 9, 2011

hey sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I don't really get on the computer when I have friends over. So there was the week with victoria. We had a really big sleepover at my house with ten people during the week when we didnt have school but thats really all to say about it. We went to oberhausen earlier that day and then met some exchangies there and they tagged along. The next day we laid out in the sun in the back yard. I got a sunburn on my back and a little color everywhere else haha. The sunburn looked really bad but it faded a bit each day so it wasnt so bad. it was just sore. Then it was adventure weekend. I was camping with all the exchange students in my district and some from out of my district that were on our euro tour. There were also the german kids going on exchange next year there. So maria was there. We went canoeing and swimming and had big bonfires and went to a beer garden. But we were only allowed one beer. I'm pretty sure some people drank more than one though haha. That night I got sick though and threw up :/. not from the beer. I had apparently had just way too much sun. We had been laying out pretty much all day and walking. So ya. sun exhaustion. its not fun. I was freezing but my body felt steaming to the touch and I was grumpy and my stomache hurt. The next day everyone went home and when I got home I slept pretty much all day. Then got up and threw up again. Then teddy came over cause he needed a place to stay the night until he could take the train in the morning. I threw up again while he was there. I was so sick and I felt terrible that he chose my house to have fun and stay at and I was too sick to really hang out. We ended up falling asleep during the movie and just going to bed. I've been sick and in bed pretty much ever since then. My throat hurts too though and im not sure why. I'm gonna try to go to the doctor tomorrow since the rest is ok now. I cant imagine what my throat has to do with sun exhaustion so that must have been a separate problem. like a sickness i got while i was sick cause my body was weak. Today I felt well enough to leave the house. So I went to a small get together of the exchange students at my school and our teacher at his house. we bbqed and ate ice cream and swam. hopefully on tuesday we'll all go to amsterdam and visit the anne frank house since the england trip wont work. monday i dont have school. thats about it.

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